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10 Cheapest Sports Cars That Make You Look Rich

by You Are Rich

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Forget Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Porsches – these are the absolute cheapest sports and hyper cars that can make you look incredibly rich! Just pretend your net worth is in the hundreds of millions!

Who says you have to live in your own station and not above it? Well, for most of us it’s our checkbooks and their inability to keep adding zeroes to get those amazing rides that we spend all our time dreaming about in the pages of car magazines. When a good car gets old enough it becomes a collectors car and can quickly exceed the original asking price. But for some select cars there’s a sweet spot of not too old to be a classic but not new enough to demand new car prices that provides the opportunistic bargain hunter a chance to buy a car that looks like you park it in an air conditioned garage. There are some that are even downright cheap by comparison to what you’d be getting for that money in a new car. Of course nothing comes easy and with most of these cars there’s a catch and more often than not that catch is if you’re not spending the money upfront, you’ll be spending it on the backend in maintenance costs and down time when your finicky exotic starts to complain about your daily commute. For some it’s worth the hassle to hear that beastial engine grunt or finally tuned corner carving. Whether your tastes come in Italian for a Lamborghini, Maserati, or Alfa Romeo or British with the likes of Jaguar or Aston Martin, there’s something out there for you to make a big splash at your local burger stand. Let’s take a look.

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