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10 Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

by You Are Rich

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Imagine you’re a billionaire, looking to buy your very first private island! Which one do you get? These slices of luxury in the middle of the ocean, go for hundreds of millions! So which one do you buy!?

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Have you ever wanted your own slice of heaven on Earth? It may very well be possible, so long as you’ve got enough money in the bank.

With room for outlandish yachts, private jets, and coastal viewpoints offering sunrises and sunsets more than anywhere else on earth, these one-of-a-kind private islands truly are remarkable. Of course, they’re also expensive, requiring upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even if you’re not a celebrity or billionaire entrepreneur and can’t afford to buy your own, there’s always the option to rent them for a night. Either way, grab your checkbook!

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