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15 BIGGEST Business MISTAKES In History

by You Are Rich

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15 BIGGEST Business MISTAKES In History
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:

What are the biggest business mistakes in history?
Who did the biggest business mistakes in history?

What are 15 biggest business mistakes in history?
What are the biggest business failures in history?
What are 15 business blunders in history?
What are 15 historical business mistakes that changed the world?
What were the biggest mistakes companies did in history?
What was the most expensive business mistake in human history?
What is the biggest business mistake in the past?
What are 15 colossal business mistakes?

00:00 – Intro
00:47 – Excite turn down Google.
01:32 – Blockbuster turn down Netflix.
02:26 – Kodak patent one of the first digital cameras — and then totally forget to develop it.
03:09 – Pets.com
03:53 – Quaker loses over $1 billion on Snapple
04:33 – M&Ms turn down E.T.
05:16 – 20th Century Fox miss out on Star Wars merchandising.
06:06 – New Coke.
07:11 – Ford Edsel.
07:58 – AOL and Time Warner’s ill-fated merger.
08:54 – Alitalia’s accidental bargain.
09:40 – Mizuho Securities Data Inputting blunder.
10:20 – Schlitz’s beer blunder.
10:58 – Decca Records turn down the Beatles.
11:37 – Xerox share their ideas with Apple.
12:51 – Question

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