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15 Luxury Services RICH PEOPLE Use

by You Are Rich

Alux Your Life

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15 Luxury Services RICH PEOPLE Use | Sunday
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Why do the rich have personal assistants?
What services do rich people use?
What are some services rich only rich people can afford?
What are some things only rich people have access to?
What luxury services do rich people use daily?
Why do the rich have executive assistants?
Why do the rich need assistants?
Why do the rich have personal chefs?
Do rich people need private security?
Why do the rich have private security?
Do rich people have their own PR?
How do rich people handle cyber security?
Do rich people have their Wealth managed by private companies?
Do rich people have private jets?
Why do rich people need private jets?
Do Rich people have access to private airstrips?
What is a personal item tracker?
Who needs a personal item tracker?
How do rich people get their own personal item tracker?
What does a personal item tracker dor?
Do rich people have personal trainers?
Do riche people have personal doctors?
Do rich people have private ambulances?
How do rich people get medical care?
Do rich people meditate?
Do rich people have their own private coach?
Why do rich people go to country clubs?
Only rich people have access to coutry clubs?
Why do rich people need private groups and country clubs?
There are any elite nannies for the rich?
How can one be a elite nanny?
Why do rich people get elite nannies?
Do rich people have secret identitties?
Do rich people have multiple passports?
Do rich people have multiple identitties?
How do rich people date?
How do rich people get a personal life?
Do rich people only date rich people?
Do i need to be rich to date a rich person?
Why do rich people only date other rich people?
What services do the rich need?
What do you need when you’re rich?
How can you tell if someone is rich?
What is the most expensive service for the rich?
What services billionaires need?

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