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15 Toxic Behaviours That Have Been Normalized By Society

by You Are Rich

Alux Your Life

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15 Toxic Behaviours That Have Been Normalized By Society
10 TOXIC Beliefs That Keep You From Growing:

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
What are the signs of a toxic person?
What are examples of toxic traits?
What is toxic personality disorder?
What causes toxic behavior?
How can you tell if someone is manipulative?
Can toxic people change?
What’s a toxic friend?
What happens when you ignore a toxic person?
How do I get rid of toxic behavior?
What’s a toxic girlfriend?
What are the signs of a bad wife?
Is the world toxic?
Why is this world toxic?
Why is society so toxic?
When did everyone start saying toxic?
Are there any non toxic substances?
What is the meaning of toxins?
What chemicals are toxic to humans?
What chemicals are toxic?
What substance in the table is the most toxic explain?
Is TikTok toxic?
Why do I attract toxic people?
How do you know if you are toxic?
Can toxic people change?
What is the most toxic social media?
What is toxic relationship?
How do I stop being toxic?
What are toxic traits?
How social media is toxic
?How can you tell if a woman is toxic?

00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Drinking
01:01 – Blaming your parents for everything cr*p about you
01:42 – Sexualizing children
02:28 – Overtime
03:16 – The fear of getting fat
04:00 – Gender stereotypes
04:46 – Toxic Masculinity
05:45 – Accepting mediocrity and applauding effort instead of results
06:31 – The crazy “role models” that people look up to…
07:20 – Adding sugar to every item that we purchase
08:08 – Racial bias in criminal news
09:02 – The enormous amount of screen time people get
09:55 – Using your kids to make money off social media
10:48 – Expecting immediate answers
11:47 – Wastefulness
12:10 – Question

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