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How Is The PANDEMIC Affecting Big Companies

by You Are Rich

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How Is The PANDEMIC Affecting Big Companies
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How is the Pandemic affecting big companies?
How is the Pandemic shaping the future?
How are companies tackling the pandemic?
How are companies responding to the pandemic?
Why are so many new companies popping up during the pandemic?
Why is Amazon hiring more people during the pandemic?
How to get a job during the pandemic?
Which businesses will thrive after the pandemic?
Which businesses are making money from the pandemic?
Which industries will collapse during the pandemic?
Is 5G linked to the Covid19 pandemic?
Why is China the world factory?
How will technology advance during the pandemic?
How is the pandemic influencing the progress of technology?
Why is Big Pharma winning massively from the pandemic?
Why are pharmaceutical companies making money from the pandemic?
What’s the best video conferencing app?
What is Zoom?!
What is Messenger Rooms?
How will the pandemic influence big companies?
00:00 Intro
01:17 – Work
02:04 – Video-Conferencing
03:13 – 5G
03:43 – Health
04:21 – Travel
05:09 – Big Pharma
05:48 – A.I. & Robots
07:03 – Factories
07:53 – Medical Supplies
08:43 – Deliveries
09:47 – Question
10:11 – Bonus

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