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Inside New York’s Skinniest Skyscraper

by You Are Rich

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New York City is famous for central park’s mega luxury skyscraper’s – and is currently building up an entire section known only as “Billionaire’s Row”. Within this strip you’ll find the absolute skinniest building you’ve ever seen – and the loft – a cool $200 million USD!

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Move over Dubai, because the latest billion-dollar modern masterpiece sits a stone’s throw away from iconic Central Park. Welcoming the elite of the elite, this skyscraper is loaded with every conceivable luxury and amenity, not to mention the truly picturesque sunset views.

At just 18 metres wide, Manhattan has recently welcomed the thinnest skyscraper ever built in America. Scratch that, it’s the thinnest skyscraper ever built in the world.

How much does a condo cost in the world’s newest must-have accommodation block? What’s included? And most importantly, How does the building stay upright during strong winds? Put on your real estate hats, as all that and more is about to be revealed.

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