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Most Expensive Ferrari Just Sold For $58 Million!

by You Are Rich

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$48 Million dollars is the most expensive Ferrari ever sold! But wait t’ill you see what a golden plated motorcycle can fetch on the open market, along with Lambo’s and vintage Porsche’s.

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Imagine being rich enough to buy a car made out of solid gold! Or the bike that broke the land speed record in Australia! Would you spend $70,000 on a brand new set of wheels? How about $70 million? Well, one extravagant car just sold for exactly that much!

With record-breaking Ferraris, three-wheeler limousines, and everything in between, it’s almost impossible to believe how much money people actually paid for these rides.

Buckle up, cause you’re jaw’s about to drop as you check out the most expensive cars and motorcycles ever sold.

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