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New Supercars You Don’t Want To Miss

by You Are Rich

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Ever since Lamborghini mounted its 4.0 liter V12 sideways and behind the driver in their gorgeous Lamborghini Muira, the supercar has become the dream of every aspiring speed freak this side of a car magazine. The supercar promises race car poise and speed in a car that is registered for road use. Sure, unleashing all that power and ability will get you a ticket expensive enough to go with the sticker price, but it’s the thought that you could is worth the price of admission. Since then, car manufacturers have managed to wring evenmore crazy out of a car that’s eligible for street registration, creating the category of ‘hypercar.’ That doesn’t mean that the supercar has gone away, or gotten less desirable. Produced in larger numbers and at least slightly more of a nod towards roadworthiness, the supercar still is the dream ride of many. While hypercars like the Evija and Bugatti grab headlines with record breaking performance numbers, supercars are still making waves and coming in lovely desirable shapes from time tested brands like Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Porsche while finding new players in Acura and Chevrolet or even relatively brand new companies like Tesla. Cylinder counts range from six, eight, ten or even none as each company finds a uniquely them way to hurl drivers at the 60 miles an hour mark in sub three second times on their way to over 200 mph. The only remaining question is how much do you have to spend and which one grabs your fancy. Let’s look at some supercars now in showrooms or coming soon that you’ll to put up a poster of like when you were a kid.

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