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The Most Expensive Yacht Is Worth $1.5 Billion

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The Eclipse megayacht is the most expensive yacht in the world. It’s worth $1.5 billion and features a wide array of luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art security features. The ship has 17 luxury guest cabins and a first-class master suite that’s protected by bulletproof glass. The vessel is a floating fortress equipped with a $50 million anti-missile defense system and a laser shield that blocks against paparazzi. It costs $75 million per year to operate the Eclipse superyacht, and renting the ship for charter costs as much as $2 million per week. The yacht even has a mini sub that can be used as an escape pod. The Eclipse is also equipped with three launch boats that can be used to travel to nearby beaches, and the yacht has a 16 meter swimming pool that can transform into a dance floor. The yacht has two helipads, and three helicopters can be stored on the ship at any time. Guests are pampered like royalty while onboard the Eclipse. Each cabin on the yacht comes with a private 6 foot tall home cinema screen, a Jacuzzi, a private spa, and specialized security systems. Eclipse is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. He took possession of the vessel in 2010 and paid $500 million to have the yacht built. The billionaire has owned a number of high-end yachts over the years, but the Eclipse is by far the most luxurious ship he has ever owned. Here’s a close look at the most expensive yacht in the world.

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