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The Most Luxurious Prisons In The World

by You Are Rich

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Not all prisons are nightmarish. In fact, there are quite a few prisons around the world that you might even call luxurious. Norway and Sweden are known for revolutionary prison reform. Inmates are treated with dignity and the focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. At Bastoy Prisons in Norway inmates sleep in cottages and spend the days gardening, chopping wood, and farming. inmates spend their down time horseback riding, playing tennis, sunbathing, and saunaing. At Halden Prison in Norway, which is considered to be the most humane prison on Earth, inmates can enjoy activities like rock climbing, soccer, basketball, or jogging. Sollentuna Prison in Sweden is so eco friendly that it won an award. Sollentuna prison is great for Mother Earth, but the inmates have it pretty good, too. Prisoners have private bathrooms and have access to a common living area with big screen tv. Inmates can even cook their own meals in a state of the art kitchen. Prisoners in Sollentuna prison even have access to tablets that they can use to review evidence against them. Some celebrities in the USA have had luxurious stays in jail because of their wealth and fame. Cosby reportedly gets extra commissary food like turkey bacon and a variety of cheeses. He’s even reportedly allowed to smoke Cuban cigars and watch tv in his cell at SCI Phoenix prison. Here’s a look at the most luxurious prison from around the world. Keep watching to find out which prisons made the list.

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