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The Story Of The Richest Man That Ever Lived

by You Are Rich

The Richest: Inside The Lives Of Rich Kids.

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Who’s the richest person to have ever walked the earth? Forget about tech moguls like Jeff Bezos, and don’t worry about any royal families. The wealthiest person to have ever lived is someone you’ve almost certainly never even heard of!

His name was Mansa Musa, the former ruler of the Kingdom of Mali. This ancient beacon of wealth was fortunate enough to inherit a moderately valuable empire. But it was his will, his actions, and his expertise in trade and expansion that morphed his kingdom – and, in turn, himself — into a true symbol of elitism.

Following his reign, Mansa Musa left behind a legacy of unquestionable opulence. Now, nearly a millennium later, others have stuffed their treasure chests – yet no modern man comes close to the former wealth of Musa.

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