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What White House Workers Really Get Paid

by You Are Rich

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The need for a Presidential staff goes back to 1939, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reign, when the Brownlow Committee reported that the president needed help. So, they created the Executive Office. Since then, more offices were created, more staff hired, and substantially more money was laid out.

Those staff are spread across more than 22 offices, covering everything from defence to communications, protection for the First Lady, and even a professional calligrapher – scratch that, three calligraphers!

Now, with nearly 4,000 staff on hand, the president’s staff drain nearly a billion dollars per annum. So, who are these background workers, and how much do these people really get paid? Let’s find out.

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Mike Pence
01:25 Donald Trump
02:21 Acting Chief of Staff (Mark Meadows)
02:56 Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy (Peter Navarro)
03:24 Chief of Staff to the First Lady (Stephanie Grisham)
03:55 Deputy Director of the National Economic Council (Francis J. Brooke, Jr.)
04:24 Director of the National Economic Council (Larry Kudlow)
04:48 Director of White House Information Technology (Roger L. Stone)
05:22 Director of White House Travel Office (Bethany Pritchard)
05:50 Director of Stenography (Dominique Dansky Bari)
06:15 Social Secretary (Rickie Niceta)
06:40 Executive Assistant to the President (Molly Michael)
07:00 Chief Calligrapher
07:27 Ethics Counsel
07:48 Senior Videographer (Samuel Brown)
08:07 Total salaries

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