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Why Akon’s Building His Own $6B Mega City

by You Are Rich

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We’ve all heard of Wakanda – the beautiful city, the heart of Africa from the Black Panther comics and film. We were all mesmerized by its strong culture and unique design, however, as impressive as it was, Wakanda remained a fictional creation – little more than another genius thought from the mind of Stan Lee.

But now, thanks to one rich, revolutionary rapper, Wakanda is being brought to life. With a multi-billion-dollar budget, Akon’s new so-called Solar City will drive the African economy, amaze Marvel fans, and pay tribute to Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, all at once.

Before too long, we’ll all be screaming “Wakanda forever!”. Would you sign up to live in a brand-new city, created by a celebrity?

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