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Why I’m Not Leaving California | Responding To Comments

by You Are Rich

Graham Stephan Channel

It’s a very real and measurable energy field that creates, everything. In fact, the Field is as close to measuring what we think of as “God”… As human beings have ever gotten. And get this: All the wealth you could ever imagine… ALREADY exists within The Field. Find out more and change YOUR life!

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Today I’m going to attempt to answer your most asked questions, go over my investments, and discuss anything else you want – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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0:37 If you had only $1k to your name, what are some steps you’d take to gain the wealth you have today?

1:45 How often do you sit back and relax and just enjoy your existence?

2:26 What is your insecurities and did your wealth change them?

3:38 Can you give my channel a shout out?

3:45 Will you ever stop posting YouTube videos?

4:25 Should I smash the like button?

4:35 How much do you earn from investments?

5:44 Has being a millionaire increased your overall happiness?

6:55 Do you ever feel that you will run out of ideas soon for videos?

8:09 Will you relocate outside of LA to save more money?

9:50 Why don’t you just retire? With your expenses at only $2,200 a month and $6 million in real estate you could easily do this.

10:35 Any new income streams your interested in starting up for yourself in the next year?

11:45 Do you have any regrets or missed opportunities?

14:21 Do you think the penny should be abolished?

15:03 What is the fastest way to double $5,000?

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