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Why is CAVIAR so Expensive?

by You Are Rich

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Why is CAVIAR so Expensive?
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Why is CAVIAR so expensive?
What is caviar?
What is the cost of caviar?
How much is a pound of caviar?
How much is a kg of caviar?
Where can you find caviar?
Where does caviar come from?
What types of caviar are there?
What exactly is caviar?
Does caviar taste good?
Are all fish eggs Caviar?
Why is caviar illegal?
Is caviar worth the price?
Is Caviar alive?
Why is caviar so special?
Is caviar eaten raw?
Is Caviar safe to eat?
Why is caviar a luxury?
What is caviar good for?
Why is caviar black?
What is the best caviar in the world?
How is caviar eaten?
How much does caviar cost?
How do you eat caviar?
What is caviar made out of?
How much does Beluga caviar cost?
What is caviar taste like?
What’s the most expensive caviar?
What is the difference between caviar and roe?
Why is caviar more expensive than Roe?
What is the most expensive food in the world?
What is the most expensive fish in the world to eat?

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